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CSR & Sustainabilty

With regard to CSR, we adhere to invest a part of the company profits beyond business. It is for the larger good of society in the concept of, 'Good Health' for the people associated within the company and outside of it. We also believe that a business can thrive much better in a healthy society and that serving the people with no means is the duty of every well-to-do person or organization. SIDGC looks forward to a meaningful and a responsible social cause contributing for good aspects on a regular basis. At SIDGC we have a sincere focus on the educational, healthcare & other social needs of the underprivileged segments and are adhere to provide all necessary support to those who really need it.

Asmita Foundation a Non Profit initiative, founded in the year 2005 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh is an NGO working over pan India for the betterment of health for the under privileged, focusing on the treatment of cancer patients.

In association with Asmita Foundation, we take a sincere initiative to provide cancer education that inspires ingenuity, educate people and provide better treatment to a greater number of patients living with cancer. Ignorance among public, delayed diagnosis and lack of adequate medical facilities has given cancer the dubious distinction of being a 'killer disease'. However, fact remains that if cancer is detected in its early stages, it can be treated and individual can lead a healthy life. We help the underprivileged receive assistance to cover the costs of other cancer-related supplies. At Asmita Foundation, we will also help by coordinating applications for other financial assistance programs in the treatment of such chronic diseases. The priority is to treat patients with good prognosis who cannot afford their costly treatment.